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Donating your car, truck, van, SUV, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, trailer or airplane has never been easier! Simply choose a non-profit to donate to, give us a call, and our trained staff will guide you through the donation process.

Our car donation specialists are available 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you have about donating your vehicle to non-profit. Call our toll free number 877-537-5277 or fill out our online car donation form to get started.

Pick up of your donated vehicle is always free and most vehicle donations can be picked up within 24-72 hours. We will provide you with a receipt upon pickup that may be used for a tax deduction.

Free yourself from the hassles of selling your vehicle and give something to your community at the same time. Donate today! It's easy!


Create a Car Donation Program!

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CARS™  is dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise funds through successful car donation programs. Our used vehicle donation programs are turning clunkers into cash for many worthy causes across the country.

Some non-profits have their own lots to sell vehicles. If you don’t have your own facilities or staff dedicated to this type of fundraising, we can help. We collect the vehicles, bring them to our car donation center, and when the donor indicates they would like to give to your non-profit, we sell the car for you and distribute proceeds to your organization.

For years now, we've been managing successful vehicle donation programs for non-profits. We would love to put our expertise to work for your organization. Your donor is our donor! See our Car Donation Program section to learn more about starting a program for your non-profit.